How to Grow Sorrels – A Beginner’s Guide

sorrels plant growing in garden

Dive into the world of horticulture with Rumex acetosa, popularly known as sorrels. These easy-to-grow herbs can be a fantastic addition to your home garden. Stay tuned to learn the key steps to cultivate sorrels and avoid common gardening pitfalls.

Quick Reference Guide for Growing Sorrels

Best Time to Plant In the spring after the last frost
Soil PH 5.5 to 7.0
Water Needs Soil should be damp, but not soggy or bone dry
Sunlight Requirements Full sun to partial shade
Germination to Harvest Time 7-14 days to germinate; 60-70 days from seed to harvest
Harvesting Indicator In the spring, when the leaves are young and tender
Usage Leaves used in salads, soups, and sauces
Pot/Container Growing Yes (3-4 plants per 12″ container)
Bee Friendly Yes

Best Time to Plant Sorrels

Planting times can vary based on local climate, but generally, sowing sorrel seeds after the last frost of spring is recommended for optimal seedling survival. Consult the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to discover the prime time to grow sorrels in your locale. If you’re not based in the US, search ‘plant hardiness zone + [city]’ for accurate results.

How to Plant Sorrels the Right Way

Growing sorrels at home requires some critical considerations. Soil quality is a major one, often overlooked. Aim for well-drained soil, rich in organic matter, maintaining a Soil PH level between 5.5 and 7.0. Sow seeds about 1-2″ deep, initially 18-24″ apart, and thin to 12-18″ apart when seedlings reach a height of 2-3″.

How Much Sunlight is Needed to Grow Sorrels

Sunlight plays a crucial role in the successful growth of sorrels. Overexposure can result in dehydration, while inadequate light can stunt the plant’s growth or even kill it. For a thriving sorrel plant, ensure it receives full sun to partial shade.

How Much to Water Sorrels

Proper watering significantly influences the health of your sorrel plants. The soil should be damp to the touch without being soggy or overly dry. Keep an eye out for changing leaf colors or wilting, indicating the need for watering adjustments. Remember, providing too much or too little water can be fatal for the plant.

How Long Does it Take Sorrels to Germinate and Grow?

After planting, expect your sorrel seeds to germinate within 7-14 days. The journey from seed to a bountiful harvest typically takes 60-70 days, marking an exciting period of growth and development.

When to Harvest Sorrels

The best time to reap your sorrels is in spring when the leaves are young and tender. Fully grown sorrel plants can reach a height of 1-2′.

What Can Sorrels Be Used For?

Food Use: Sorrel leaves find their way into a variety of dishes, including salads, soups, and sauces. Flavor Profile: They offer a tart, lemony flavor.

Can Sorrels Grow in Pots and Containers?

Yes, growing sorrels in 12″ containers (housing 3-4 plants per container) is an effective strategy for weed control and plant management. It also offers the flexibility to reposition your plants for optimal sunlight exposure or to safeguard them against harsh weather conditions.

Are Sorrels Safe for Bees?

Yes, sorrels are bee-friendly plants. As noted by, bees are responsible for pollinating approximately 90% of the world’s food crops. By cultivating plants like sorrels, you’re contributing to the sustainability of our ecosystem and global food supply.

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