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Thanks for checking out my Gardening Eats blog! My name is Martin and I am NOT a gardening expert.

That’s right, like most of you, I am not an expert gardener. However, my goal is to learn as much as I can about gardening sustainably and ultimately become self sustaining, and I want to share my journey with people like you!

This blog is focused on articles and videos related to growing (and regrowing) fruit and vegetables. While growing flowers is a great way to beautify your yard, I prefer growing plants I can eat!

Have you ever had an orange, apple, apricot, or pretty much any fruit or vegetables and thought “Wow, this is the best (fill in the fruit/vegetable) I’ve ever had!” or “This tastes way better than the ones from the supermarket!”

Well, my ultimate goal is to never have to buy another fruit or vegetable from the store. Why? Because it just tastes so much better!

Not only that, the USDA estimates that 133 BILLION pounds of groceries are wasted each year which has an estimated value of $162 BILLION. That’s about 31% of available food supply. That’s the equivalent of 1.2 pounds of food that gets thrown away per person per day! That’s insane, right?

By growing our own fruit and vegetables, we can eat and grow only what we need and reduce the amount of food that gets wasted.

Join me on this journey becoming more environmentally-friendly and self sustaining, while getting to eat better tasting home-grown fruit and vegetables.

Thanks for reading!

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