Growing Green Onions from Store Bought Scraps

regrown green onions in a cup

If you're just getting started in gardening and growing your own food, there is no better confidence booster than regrowing green onions from store bought scraps. The reason being that it's nearly impossible to mess things up and all you really need is a small cup or container!

Once you learn how to grow green onions at home, you'll have a constant supply of green onions growing. You'll never have to buy green onions from the store again, saving you money.

The best part is having fresh green onions to use whenever needed. I usually just cut off what I need and let the rest continue growing.  

They'll grow so quickly, you might even have a hard time eating all of them!

  • Fresh store-bought green onions
  • 1 small cup

Super easy to get started, right? That's what I love about regrowing green onions. Anyone can get started with just a small cup or container, making it both beginner-friendly and kid-friendly!

How to Regrow Green Onions from Scraps in 3 Easy Steps

Step #1

Purchase the freshest bundle of green onions you can find at your local supermarket. They should all have at least some roots left. The longer the roots, the better.

Step #2

Chop off 2 inches from the bottom of the of green onions.  

Step #3

Place the root side of the green onions into a small cup or container with 1 inch of water. Replace with clean water every couple of days.

Easy enough, right? Check back in a few hours and you'll already start noticing some growth!

Pro tip: depending on the size of the small cup, I usually put just enough green onions so that they're able to support each other and prevent them from tipping over. 

How Long Does it Take for Green Onions to Regrow?

Like I mentioned earlier, you'll start noticing a little bit of growth within just several hours! It is just mind-blowing how fast green onions can grow. 

After about 1-2 weeks, they'll be a perfect size to cut and use on your next dish. As long as you continue to care for it, the green onion should continue producing again and again. It's just the gift that's keeps on giving!

1 week later:

grow green onions in a week

Can You Grow Green Onions Indoors?

Answer is yes! I found that the best way to grow green onions indoors is to place it on a window sill that gets good sunlight. It will do well there as long as you remember to replace the water every couple of days. 

I like to keep a few green onions growing on the window sill in my kitchen for easy access.  

Do Green Onions Need Soil?

Short answer is that it is entirely up to you. 

You can continue growing green onions in water (hydroponically) and it'll continue to produce a good amount of green onions. This is by far the easiest way to maintain your regrown green onions. 

If you would like the green onions to grow larger, they are quite easy to transplant into an indoor pot or in your outdoor garden. 

Pro tip: Wait for the green onions roots to grow to at least 2- 3 inches long before transplanting. 

Green Onions vs. Scallions vs. Spring Onions

There seems to be some confusion over the differences between green onions, scallions, and spring onions.

They are actually all the same plant, but is differentiated in when they are harvested. You can easily tell them apart based on the size of their bulb. 

Scallions, the youngest of the three, has a bulb that is about the width of the stem. 

Green onions have bulbs that are slightly larger than the width of the stem. 

Spring onions are easiest to identify by their larger, round bulb. 

So regardless of which ones you purchase from the grocery store, the methods I've shown you to regrow them will work for all three types. 

Now, Your Turn!

Growing your own green onions is not only a great way of having a constant supply, but it's also a ton of fun to watch how quickly it grows. 

This is a great activity for both adults and kids and requires very little to get started!

I would love to hear about your experience regrowing store bought green onions.

Did it work for you?

What challenges did you have, if any?

Any suggestions?

Please share in the comments section below!

Also, don't forget to check out my other articles to learn how to regrow other vegetables such as romaine lettuce!

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